Industrial Curtains Clear Barriers: How to Save Space in the Covid Era

Industrial Curtains Clear Barriers: How to Save Space in the Covid Era

Workplaces have been hit hard by the lockdowns everywhere, especially since most of them are indoor spaces. The same goes for restaurants, as their business depends on people going out of their homes and socializing. While many businesses are trying to follow the recommended guidelines for staving off Covid-19 as much as possible, the social distancing restriction is a huge problem.

Fortunately, the option of industrial curtains might be a feasible one for solving this issue. Let’s have a closer look at what these auditions might do for both indoor and outdoor spaces:


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Not many restaurants have the space or ability to have six feet between every customer. Most new startups may only have a very tiny dining area, where they used to cram in as many people as possible during pre-coronavirus times.

Now, restaurants are scrambling to find enough space for their waiting area, storage needs, and a dining area large enough to follow current restrictions. Here's how you can best use industrial curtains to make the most of your dining area space:

Choose the correct seating

If you’re working with a small space, focus on the seating style more than the number of seats. You want the place to flow smoothly. This way, the staff can do their jobs more efficiently and the customers will probably finish sooner as well. Put some thought into your seating arrangements. The clientele will probably be happier with the level of service too.

If your restaurant doesn’t have a booth arrangement, create closed-off spaces with some industrial curtains. At the same time, the curtains should allow you to move tables together or apart as and when necessary.

In all cases, though, there should always be a clear path into and out of the dining area for both customers and staff. People rarely enjoy themselves when waiters are knocking against their chairs. If the waiters or hostess have difficulty maneuvering, it will put all parties in discomfort and even danger (in case someone spills hot food).

Remove the extras

Clear Vinyl Tarps or better yet Industrial Curtains will do for breaking up the space you have. But it’s also important to maximize your current area. If there are any prep stations or hostess stations in your dining area, do away with them. You also want to set some specific times for reservations in order to thin out the crowd.

These precautions will help in making your work process more organized and manageable. Plus, the area will be much less cluttered and easier to maneuver.

Outdoor setting

Many dining establishments are now opening up outdoor spaces even if they didn’t have one before. This is a great way to make sure the staff and customers are in a safer, cleaner space.

If you’re going for an outdoor setup, vinyl curtain walls can help in mimicking a cozy indoor space. They can be of great use in cutting down a breeze along with keeping the customers safe from any nearby germs.

You might want to go for water repellent fabric for your industrial curtains. Whether you’re seating your clientele indoors or out, there’s always the chance of a spill of splash. You want to be able to clean up as quickly and efficiently as possible. Therefore, you should choose the fabric accordingly.


No matter what kind of a workplace you have, the space available is finite. You want to maximize your square footage while also making sure that the costs remain as low as possible. This could be tricky to pull off. So, here’s how industrial curtains might come to the rescue:

Know your dead space

Before any company can maximize their office space, they have to figure out the dead space inside it. This means the spaces or areas that aren’t usable. For instance, the space in front of a fire exit needs to remain clear. So, no one can put a desk or water dispenser there. The same goes for doors, cubicle openings, and pathways.

Once you figure out the square area of your office, eliminate the dead area spaces. Make an accurate floor plan, and then, decide upon the best arrangement for desks and cubicles. Industrial curtains can help to foster a sense of privacy and safety even if there isn’t enough space for every employee to sit six feet apart.

A temporary setup

There’s no telling what you may require from your office space in the near or distant future. With the economy (and life in general) being so unpredictable right now, using industrial curtains to divide up your space is a logical choice. That way, you can change the setup as and when required. If you have an unavoidable meeting one day, it’s fairly easy to create a largish space for everyone to sit at some distance. For regular days, the curtains will come in handy for creating a safe workplace. You can also use dividers.

Additional benefits

Using industrial curtains to separate spaces will result in many advantages. In addition to creating a healthier workplace, these curtains also serve to tie a place together and make the areas neater than before. Plus, the mess of one project is unlikely to spill over to other spaces. Employees in one work area will also avoid distraction this way. Energy bills are also likely to go down.

The takeaway

The past year has been marked with economic losses, a perpetual feeling of trepidation, and drastic lifestyle changes. However, our daily routines have to go on. With people cautiously stepping out to work and even for a bite to eat, many organizations have to revisit their plans for the future.

Since space is such a major issue for both offices and restaurants, it’s time that such organizations seriously consider investing in resources including industrial curtains. These can help save on space while allowing you to stay safe and keep the business reputation up at the same time. Here’s hoping that these curtains become a part of most businesses in the near future; at least, until a better option comes along.


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