Heavy duty vinyl tarps and their 11 creative uses you never heard of

Heavy duty vinyl tarps and their 11 creative uses you never heard of

Heavy duty vinyl tarps are now easily available even for the average layman. However, why would we need these at all? When you think about it, such tarps can be quite handy for several uses.

You have your usual industrial applications, such as providing cover on fields, construction sites, or as temporary fences. We shouldn’t be forgetting the more personal uses, such as covering a gym floor, sheltering a garden, or covering up your boat.


A Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarp is a very are useful item to have on hand. Here are a few more creative uses to consider:

11 creative uses of heavy duty vinyl tarps

1.      Welding curtains


Welders usually suit up properly before starting work. But they still have to prevent sparks from harming others and their surroundings. Since heavy duty vinyl tarps block the view of a welder’s work and are also fire-retardant, these make the perfect choice to protect everyone involved.

2.      Covering a sports field

Having some rain during a game of baseball or any other sport might be a bummer. But it doesn't mean no more playing that day. If you get out the heavy duty vinyl tarps quickly enough, it can help protect your field from the falling drops.

As far as the shower is brief and somewhat mild, these tarps should be able to keep the playing field dry.

3.      Floor covers

When you have renovators working in the home, it’s often necessary to lay down some waterproof material to protect your floors and furnishing. These are often slippery and could be a hazard to anyone walking around the place.

To avoid lawsuits and stay safe, invest in a heavy duty vinyl tarp for this purpose. This material will be perfect for providing a non-slip experience. The workers can put up ladders, walk about, and put down tools without any fear of slipping.

4.      Roof coverings

When your roof shingles start coming off and you see water spots on the ceiling, it's probably time to invest in a new roof. However, you might need some form of protection over your head until the contractors get there.

Of all the temporary roof options, an insulated tarp is among the best ones to keep temperature controlled as well as the elements and is unlikely to develop holes or tears.

5.      Cover for camping supplies

heavy duty vinyl tarps


When you’re out camping, it’s only logical to keep your supplies safe from the elements. Rain and dew could ruin your beddings, chairs, firewood, and cooking supplies. You can keep all of these dry by stacking them on a table and covering them up with a heavy duty vinyl tarp.

You can also look for waterproof heavy duty vinyl tarps which can even protect against heavy rains. They will also prevent animals from getting into your stuff while you’re roughing it.

6.      Mats for changing oil

Changing the oil in your car can be a messy business. So, make sure you lay down a sheet of waterproof material on the ground first. Heavy duty vinyl tarps will be perfect for the job as they’re both resistant to abrasions and waterproof as well. These two features will make cleaning up easy after any project.

7.      Divider curtains

At times, it may become necessary for a parent, company, or teacher to divide up a room. Vinyl tarps can be helpful in this aspect as well. That’s because vinyl tarps are easy to pull down or put up.

It’s also possible that you want to divide up a room to keep the noises outside when you're on a construction site. The same goes for the ease of setting up a trauma center stall during a pandemic or any other catastrophe.

8.      Pool cover


Those who don’t know how to handle a pool might feel overwhelmed by the amount of care they need. Winterizing the pool might be one of the most challenging tasks. But having a vinyl tarp for a pool cover could make things a little easier.

With the waterproof vinyl material, you can be sure that no melted snow or leaves will get through.

You may also like a cover during the summer to ensure that no bugs or leaves fall in the water overnight. For this purpose, a mesh tarp might be better than a heavy duty vinyl tarp.

9.      Pet mats

If you have beautiful wooden floors, you’d want to do everything in their power to prevent scratches or stains on them. Unfortunately, having pets means sacrificing your floors to their whims. However, you can help to minimize the damage by cutting up waterproof heavy duty vinyl tarps and making mats for the pet area.

You can also lay down these waterproof vinyl mats at the place where the pet’s food and water go. This way, you won’t have to risk any spills or splashes from messy eaters on your lovely flooring.

10. Screened porch or deck

The view from an open deck or porch might be nice but the mosquitoes and other insects could make sitting out there next to impossible.

If you want to enjoy that peaceful space with fresh air at times, use a mesh vinyl tarp to cover up the open sides, or a clear vinyl tarps to seal up porches in the winter and fall. The mesh will let in the air yet block out any bugs that might bother you. Many of these tarps even have grommets that make it easy to take them down and put them back up when needed.

11. A slip ‘n slide

On the hot summer days, we’re usually looking for activities to cool us down. Some parents might buy their kids a slip ‘n slide toy, which could cost a fair amount.

You can go for a more versatile option by purchasing a waterproof, heavy duty vinyl tarp instead. All you have to do is lay the tarp out on the grass and hose it down. Leave the hose trickling into the area so that everyone can play around in the water and enjoy the hot weather.

The takeaway

Most heavy duty vinyl tarps have a lasting and durable construction. Even if you get one for just your personal needs, their tear-resistant features and waterproof qualities might make the tarp last a lifetime. Of course, you’ll also have to take proper care of the tarp and look up ways to maintain it for as long as possible.

With all these creative uses of vinyl tarps, it seems like these tarps are the necessity of every home! Let’s start browsing online options right now.


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